Çetin Electric Engineering Inc.

Çetin Electric Group was founded by Çetin Electric-Çetin ÖZTUNALI in 1979. Doing business on engineering , contracting, maintenance , production and sales since its foundation , in parallel with the developments of industry sector , by the year 1992 our company headed for instutionalization and specialization , splitting into 4 parts regarding activity subjects as Çetin Electric , Çetin İş Electric co.ltd , Çetin Project Engineering co.ltd. , Çetin Electric inc. and then associated under the same title originating Çetin Group in 2005.

Our company offers production , configuration and maintenance services with experienced and expert staff for electricity projects , power and lighting , automation and security systems of every industrial plants , hotels , hospitals , business centers , malls and industrial estates notably in Bursa and throughout Turkey . Keeping innovativeness as characteristic feature , Çetin Electric Group Companies follow the latest developments about renewable energy , energy efficiency , M2M Technologies and currently offer consulting service on these issues along with creating the infrastructure of modern companies which will be leading industry in future , thus grant privilege to our customers rapidly.


  • To offer punctual, economic, confidential and at-worlds-standarts express solutions for our customers with experienced staff.
  • To follow the latest developments in technology and take measures to insure our customers to use their resources efficiently.
  • To hand a habitable World down the next generations by never losing the sight of our social responsibilities and duty towards environment while we carry on business.


  • To be valued as confidence, quality service and products, solution oriented approach and efficient use of resources, environmentalist, nature conscious in engineering, consultancy, contracting, sales and after-sales service in electric and energy industry.
  • To be a leading company in industry with our trained personell understanding the customer needs and offering our customers hypercorrect solutions with most efficient use of their resources.


  • We are people and environment oriented
  • • We are competitive
  • Quality is our top priority
  • We work passionately
  • We promise and keep it

Çetin Group Companies

Çetin Elektrik Mühendislik A.Ş.
Founded in March 2004, it is one of the contracting companies of Çetin Electric Group , doing contract works at home and abroad.

Çetin İş Elektrik Ltd. Şti.
Yet another contracting companies of Çetin Electric Group, working on contacting. Founded in February 1992.

Çetin Proje Mühendislik Ltd. Şti.
This company was founded in March 1994. As well as planning and practising all the projects that industrial plants stand from mid&high voltage till weak current, it also offers consultancy services.

Çetin Elektrik – Çetin Öztunalı
Founded in March 1998 , this is the investment company of Çetin Electric Group.

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