Çetin Electric Inc. – Maintenance & Repair

Transformer Maintenance Service:

Electrical controlling of low voltage and mid voltage facilites once in a years prevents possible troubles and workforce loss. This service includes general cleaning, transformer oil test, transformer oil leakage test , silica gel control , busing and cable terminal cap control, seconder protection system control and configuration, capaticor current measurement of compensation panelboard, and reporting these studies to company.

Firm Responsibility Service:

Facilities above 50kVA transformer power are supposed to get firm responsibility service as a legal obligation. This service includes preparation of mid voltage switching instructions, security precuations, staff training, reparation of malfunctions, and mid-voltage switch if needed.

Compensation System Follow-up:

As is known, the reactive energy consumption rates are controlled every end of month and billed if exceeded. To prevent this, compensation system should be followed-up regularly. Mentioned follow-up system is online and computer controlled so configurations can be done online when necessary.

Grounding Resistance Measurement:

It is a required control for facility to keep working without trouble securely , also a legal obligation. This service includes protection, conductor and mid voltage site grounding resistance measurement.

Thermal Camera Measurement Service:

As is known, overload power consumption, loose connection or expiration of quipment leads temperature increase which comes with breakdowns. With thermal camera , electrical and mechanical equipments of facility are thermal measured and dangerous warm points are reported.

Harmonic Measurement Service:

As a result of distortion in sinusoidal voltage and current configuration, electronic cards and compensation systems and other electrical equipment are damaged what brings timeless power-on, causing stoppage. This service includes harmonic measurement and necessity conditioning report.

Luminous Intensity Measurement Service:

Measuring the illuminance , poor/overlighted areas are determined and make-up reports are serviced to company.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy Service:

  • Determination of unnecessary power consuming motors by detection of motor power voltage and current values
  • Detection of motors which can save energy by frequency convector.
  • Guidelines to decrease lighting expenses.
  • Analyse of machine layout, and reporting adjustments that can save energy.
  • Reporting of improper states to factories single line diagram drawing.
  • Devices related to maintenance (MCM , PCM)

Maintenance & Repair