Çetin Electric Inc. – Project, Engineering & Consultancy

Çetin Electric Project unit as well as planning and practising all the projects that industrial plants stand from mid&high voltage till weak current, also offers consultancy services.

Our Project department does trainings and researches continuously to offer best service and most suitable solutions to customers. Technological progress in sector is tracked carefully, and innovative projects are practised instantly by our engineers and Project department. We know that quality, persistency and hard work always lead to customer satisfaction.

Most important responsibility of our Project unit is to track and accomplish the projects that requires TEDAŞ approval .

Project Application Fields:

  • Mid-voltage and transformer configuration
  • Busbar
  • Lighting
  • Conductor and Grounding
  • CCTV
  • Data Systems
  • Fire , Security and Camera Systems
  • Generator Project Planning
  • PLC and Scada Automation Projects
  • Renewable Energy Project Planning

Project, Engineering & Consultancy