Çetin Electric Inc. – PLC & Automation

We offer solutions by automation systems to raise machine efficiency for factories.

We offer ease of operation and time saving by using PLC systems to control electric-controlled machines&equipment.

Çetin Electric offers automation&PLC systems service to control the costs so will raise the companies competitive power.

We offer worlds standards quality industrial automation services for our customers to keep their production at best quality level and low costs what means efficient production.

We offer reliable quality service , we settle easily to technologic developments, we hand over our work at the agreed time with quality work ; we are into customer satisfaction.

Companies need modernization to keep their competitive power in market.

Competition pressure keeps rising and this forces companies to increase efficiency and to shorten the products time to market.

Rising raw material costs cause the need of optimization to engineering and process operations. Thus ,choosing new systems is becoming more important day by day for facility keepers. We offer PLC applications, machine automation, HMI, Scada,Ac motor driver and applications, engineering service in parallel with automation process needs.

PLC & Automation