We Are Investors’ Choice…

30 Years’ Experience,

Çetin Electric inc. is in service for the industry since many years and follows innovation with the dependence of its customers and the business quality in the projects worked up. Çetin Electric inc. has developed in parallel with the progress in industry sector and so with the systems it has built, made this development sustainable.

A True Perception of Requirements,

Before the Project implementations, a true perception of requirements leads efficient use of resources. With qualified engineering and expert technical staff, Çetin Electric takes the responsibility of maintenance services which allows customers to keep on business without trouble.


Çetin Electric inc. with its factory, material stores and expert technical staff in organised industry zone ; hands over agreed projects at the most suitable time as principal which in return fulfill the needs of customers.

Importance in Quality,

Security is the most important element for Çetin Electric inc. Therefore the products used and the work done must be the-top quality. It is a great honour for Çetin Electric inc. to have no trouble of the projects configurated or maintenance serviced.

Reliance is Wealth,

Çetin Electric understands the needs of customers with regard to its experience in the sector. Furthermore to establish an environment of mutual trust Çetin Electric always hands over of good quality works respecting deadlines.