Çetin Electric Inc. – Production


Çetin Electric produces standing type panelboards, wall boxes and external type panelboards for oth its own contracting group and you valuable industrialists.

Prefabricated skeleton structure of modular panelboard allows fast installation by several sizes with minimum stock. 25mm pitch slots on panelboard skeleton and mounting section are used to set the electrical components to desired point in the board. Modular structure allows side by side or one after another integration of panelboards. The colour of our panelboards which are dyed with electrostatic dust paint are RAL 7032 beige, yet other options are available.


Electrical mounted panelboards are designed by us and technological develepment is submitted to custoer yet in projection process. Most suitable solution to customer needs is determined , and practised on customer confirmation. After the mounting, the panelboard is tested for either running , breakdown and grounding , then is forwarded with control tag.

Fields of Application;

  • Transformer power panelboards
  • Transformer compensation panelboards (with thyristor/contactor/harmonic filter)
  • Counter panelboards
  • MCC panelboards
  • Distribution panelboards
  • Lighting panelboards
  • PLC automation panelboards