Çetin Electric Inc. – Contracting

Industrial plants, hotels, malls, hospitals, business centers etc. facilities’

  • Mid-voltage and transormer stations installation
  • Busbar
  • Lighting
  • Lightning conductor and grounding
  • CCTV
  • Data systems
  • Fire-Security and camer systems
  • Generator project planning
  • PLC and scada automation applications are serviced.


Projection of transformer stations from 50kVA to 5mVA, TEDAŞ tracking of energy transfer lines, and installation of these lines are granted securely on-time by our expert staff.


Lightning is the atmospheric electrical discharge which can harm any living object directly or indirectly. The most risky areas are the shildless, sharp, high points on buildings. Active lightning conductor catches the lightning current and transfers it to earth the shortest way by low impedance conductors without harming people, buildings, facilities or area, without causing fire.

Critical Warning!

A buildings protection system installation should never be questioned. When something unrecoverable happens it would be difficult for he responsible to explain why there is no active lightning conductor and grounding system. On this subject our company determines the most suitable system in place, then plans the Project and applies.


Under 100Hz frequency AC and DC stations, it is highly critical to install, manage and control grounding systems for people, other living or non-living objects. Çetin Electric believes that grounding with cable straps and electric terminals is wrong due to corrosion effect in time. That’s why we suggest thermo-welding as the modern and trouble-free solution. At the facilities we work, we design and install projects fulfiling the grounding law requirements.


A system developed for electricity transfer and distribution in multi-storey buildings, factories, workshops and business centers. In modern facilities, every machine let layout change, new machine adds, directed energy supply for different points without trouble at working sections; both while construction and operating steps. It’s a functional, secure and modern system for workplaces which have intense machinery and electrical components. Besides, in multi-storey buildings where there are many people, BUSBAR system reduces the risk of fire to minimum, creating a secure environment.

Çetin Electric inc. plans BUSBAR projects between 25A-4000A energy transfer and distribution along with determining the true BUSBAR power, increasing energy efficiency.