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Modern life brings technology to buildings. Building electrnics consist of internat communication systems, security systems and the automation system which enables integration of these.


Security gaps avoided on a large scale with the help of CCTV systems. Alongside CCTV can be used as a management tool, you can also monitor facility for security or supervise staff performance or customer traffic and also to control other facilites in distance.

Besides, with the advantage of recording system , it provides saving from security staff expenses.

CCTV systems enable environmental security, controlling of personell and workflow in production field, staff and local security.

Fire Protection:

Fire detection system is the most important fire protection system in buildings. Fire detection system enables fast response to fire by detecting fire at the very-beginning.

Fire detection system is only able to sound warning by itself alone. When thought the total security of a building, there is an active fire extinguisher system is needed too , besides a fire detection system.

  • Electronic Fire Detection and Warning
  • Sensitive Smoke Detection by Air Sampling
  • Smoke Detection by Camera
  • Ray-type Special Motorized Smoke Detectors
  • Flame , Heat and Export Industrial Detectors
  • Gas detection and Alarm
  • Addressable Lighting
  • OXYREDUCT Active Fire Protection System
  • Automatic Fire Extinguish by Gas
  • Room Leakage Test
  • Passive Fire Prevention
  • Smoke and Fire Curtain

Security Systems:

Solutions offered from single-pass systems to multi-pass systems which enable building security automation;

Biometric recognition system (fingerprint rec., hand rec., iris rec.) is the highest level pass register due to the specifications of the point.

With access-control pass systems, personell attendance, visitor&car registiration and park automation is tracked. This can also be integrated by fire and CCTV systems.

  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Display Forwardin and Tracking Systems
  • Biometric Readers
  • Turnstiles Integrated Building Control and Comfort Technologies
  • Building Administration and Automation
  • Fire Security and Integrated Automation
  • Voiceover and Emergency Enouncing
  • Nurse-call , Satellite TV, Central Timer and Intercom
  • Passenger Information System

Low Current Systems