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Solar Power Plants

Rapidly increasing World population in recent years and as a result of the increase in parallel with growing energy needs and the related use of fossil energy sources (coal, oil and natural gas) are depleted rapidly. At the same time, this kind of energy causes climate change because they emit excessive CO2 emission and cause global warming, and the decline and extinction of water sources as a result of warming.

In this case, solar energy meets the needs and makes it necessary to turn to renewable energy sources such as sun or wind. Solar energy can be applied world’s most executable, renewable, green energy source. When we look back at a couple of years, especially the rapid development experienced in technology and photovoltaic panels in parallel, the serious decline in solar panel prices and adjustments allowing use of solar sourced electricty on network made solar energy more convenient.

Photovoltaic Panel (Photovoltaics, PV)

Solar energy is W/m2 unit and shown as energy in watts per 1m2. The flow of energy in watts from the sun to 1m2 surface on earth is called ‘Solar Radiation’. The radiation in sunlight enables the energy to move the electrons of semi-conductor material. This move of electrons create direct current (DC). This direct current is converted to alternative current (AC) with electricity energy current convertors (invertors) and can be used On-Grid or Off-Grid.

On-Grid Systems: The system that transfers the excessive-produced electricity to network, and uses the electricity from the network when there is no production. With unlicensed electricty production law, the excessive amount of produced electricity can be sold.

Off-Grid Systems: This system is used when there is no legal way to use On-Grid systems or when it is very difficult and expensive to reach the network.

Why should I use solar energy?
  • You pay expensive bills to electricity
  • You pay taxes
  • Price rise of electricity
  • Global warming and CO2 problem resulting from fossil energy sources
  • Ensured energy independence
  • The opportunity to transfer the electricity to network, and to sell the excessive amount of electricity, along with 1000kW/h unlicensed electricity production

If you too have some of the ideas above, it’s time to change to innovative, long-life, reliable, low maintenance cost, environment friendly, no CO2 emitting, sustainable clean energy source. Remember, sun is our future.

Range of Products

DC Panels

High technology materialed photovoltaic panels offering reliable, efficient and integrated solutions along with efficient invertors.

AC Panels

Thanks to this system it’s possible to start profitable investment even buying only one panel. This hi-tech panel,with the help of the micro invertor inside, ensures efficiency even in cloudly weather or under the shadows.

Mounting Component

All kinds of installation needs are satisfied by use of tailored aluminium and stainless steel material with superior layout.

Our Services

Design&Engineering: Design and engineering are highly significant for photovoltaic systems. Every tiny detail should be analyzed deeply. With essential engineering calculations we offer maximum system efficiency.
Consultancy: We calculate and report suitability, the amount to produce in a year, costs and pay-off period of the system will be built by the help of our expert consultants.
Shipping: Minding quality, we deliver the qualified panelboards, invertors, batteries to your home for installation.
Installation: Maybe the installation is the most important part. No matter how well planned it is , no matter how quality material you use, the system may respond undesired way. Choosing experts like us prevents you from this issue.
Maintenance: Maintenance is essential. As these systems don’t have mechanical parts, there is no frequent maintenance need llike other systems. Potential troubles are prevented by very low-cost periodical maintenance service.

Renewable Energy